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In Je Sas!

Some students are very reluctant to give speaking engagements, find it difficult to ask or answer questions in class, or experience difficulties making contacts and making friends. This can hinder fun in and out of school and in the long run also be detrimental to school work. We see it as our task to support teenagers in this and that is why we have set up a low-threshold group intervention in which students work together on assignments to overcome their shyness in social situations.

What does the training include?

For example:

For whom?

You are doing this as part of research, what does that mean?

We are curious how young people experience the combination of app and meetings. Participating in the training means that you also participate in this research. That means that:

Because the training is part of a research, the training is offered free of charge. We only ask for your time to participate in the study.

How do we get started?

An intake interview will take place prior to the program, during which a number of questionnaires will be taken. After that, we will discuss whether we think the program is a good match for you, and we ask you to discuss this together at home as well! There is a period of several weeks between the intake interview and the start of the program. The program will start when the groups have filled up. The start therefore depends on the number of registrations for the different age groups.

I want to participate!

You can register by emailing kas@fsw.leidenuniv.nl or calling 071-5275464.


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