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Kids beat Anxiety - The KibA project

Do you suffer from a specific anxiety, for example the fear of dogs, heights, injections, thunder, the dark, spiders or other animals? If so, the KibA training might be something for you!


Children with a specific phobia are really scared of certain objects, animals of situations. Some children for example are really scared of spiders, dogs, wasps, loud noises, getting an injection, heights, or small spaces. A lot of children suffer from a specific phobia, and this can make life at home, school and beyond quite difficult.

For whom?

Children between the age of 7 – 14 can go to five different locations in the Netherlands (Kenniscentrum Angst en Stress bij Jeugd in Leiden, UvA minds in Amsterdam, Kuin in Haarlem, Sieverding in Heemstede & Accare, in Groningen) for diagnostics and treatment. These institutions (and an institution in Germany) work on scientific research, together with a large international team, to be able to help children with a specific phobia in the best way possible. Within this research we offer a treatment of which we already know is helpful to most children with a specific phobia.

About the training

In this project, we investigate whether we can improve the treatment of specific phobias for children with the help of a practice program at home. We compare a training program using a mobile app – supported by a therapist – with a program with instructions from the therapist. A lottery allocates your child to one of the practice programs. When you and your child participate in this project you will visit one of the participating institutions a total of seven times. Participation is free. During the training the children will form a team with their therapist to conquer their fear. Your child will learn a lot about the situations he/she is afraid of and will learn how to better cope with this fear. Step by step the children practice conquering their fears and being in control of difficult situations.

More information of signing up?

To get more information or to sign up we are reachable by phone or e-mail on a daily basis.
Phone number: 071-5276673
E-Mail: kiba@fsw.leidenuniv.nl

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