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Identification, Prevention & Intervention in Pupils with Anxiety

How can we help schools recognize and prevent stress and anxiety in the classroom and, together with schools, offer students the right support quickly? Join the SPIL-program!

Kids beat Anxiety - The KibA project

Do you suffer from a specific anxiety, for example the fear of dogs, heights, injections, thunder, the dark, spiders or other animals? If so, the KiBA training might be something for you!

In Je Sas! - The IJS! project

Do you sometimes dread giving a speach or do you find it difficult to ask/answer questions in your class, then maybe the IJS! training is something for you!

Corona and anxiety in children

What is corona? Is it dangerous? Children also have questions and concerns about corona.

Stress Lessons

What is stress, how do you recognize it and how do you deal with it? We investigate stress lessons and skills training for students.

Cool Little Kids

How can parents help their shy or anxious young child (2-6 years old)? We are investigating amparent training to prevent and reduce anxiety.