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Senior project advisor for InJeSas! and StressLess

Anne is a senior project advisor for both the InJesSas! and StressLess projects and is the daily supervisor of Sara Jakobsson and Simone Vogelaar. She is also an associate professor at the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at Leiden University.

Short resume

Anne Miers is an associate professor at the Department of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the Institute of Psychology at Leiden University. Miers received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from University College London (UCL) in 2001. Between 2001 and 2003 she worked as a quantitative researcher at a top research firm, The National Center for Social Research (NatCen), in London. She then completed a master’s degree in Child Development at the Institute of Education, London, which she completed cum laude in 2004. After obtaining her MSc, she moved to the Netherlands where she obtained her PhD at Leiden University (2010), on the Social Anxiety and Normal Development Study (SAND). This longitudinal project was supervised by Prof. P. M. Westenberg and Dr. A. W. Blöte conducted between 2005 and 2010. She works or has worked with colleagues from both the Netherlands (Prof. M. Fekkes, Prof. S. Bögels), and internationally, the United Kingdom (Dr. E. Leigh and Prof. D. Clark) and the United States (Prof. C. Masia-Warner).

Scholarships and awards

• 2021. Duo applicant. Financial support for Leiden City of Science 2022, Faculty of Social Sciences, Leiden. Development in a social context produces resilient adolescents. (€5000).
• 2019. Principal Investigator (PI). Leiden University Funds (Praesidium Libertatis Foundation). “The Power of Positive Peers for Socially Anxious Youth”. Awarded to dr. A. Miers (€12,500).
• 2019. Prize Early Career Researcher Award, runner up: International Society for Affective Disorders, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.
• 2018. Co-applicant. NWO-NWA (Startimpulse Netherlands Science Agenda) grant for ‘StressLess Project. Strengthening the connection between Education and youth care”. (€450,000).
• 2016. Co-applicant. ZonMw-NWO, Program ‘Effective working in the youth sector’. Awarded to Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and partners. (€27,848 or €724,971).
• 2010 Prize for PhD candidates with the best article in an international scientific journal (2009-2010) Leiden University.
• 2010. Coapplicant. NWO, FES-Learning Program 4: The learning adolescent: Choosing, deciding and social cognition to Professor. P. M. Westenberg and A. C. Miers, MSc. “Interpersonal (peer evaluation) and intrapersonal (negative perceptions) influences at school as predictors of social fear in adolescents”. (€75,000).

Staff member Leiden University


E-mail: acmiers@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Tel : +31 71 527 3688